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To sense the Lord’s burden for Africa at large, Africa indeed is the land of immense potential and with enormous challenges. With poverty so prevalent, many people are looking for many ways to survive and improve their lives even if it means compromising with their faith. The condition of the church as well in Africa is very complicated posed by poverty that calls for a new approach. There are of course many Christians who are seeking the Lord but yet, like the church in much of the world, they are not rooted in the things of God. With the HIV and AIDS epidemic on the continent, there no signs of relief, the number of deaths resulting from HIV and aids is very high. It is for these reasons that Africa calls people like you from all over the world for help!

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We can stop the untimely deaths of the people of Africa and  help transform lives in Africa so that none will die as a result of hunger and with no child failing to get to school.

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Poverty in Africa is widespread, deep, and severe. Educational and health services are few with low standards, unemployment is also very high and infrastructure is very inadequate. Extreme poverty, affecting millions of people as one of the greatest global challenges. It means not having a voice and hence having no influence on important decisions that have an impact on their lives. It means hunger, lack of good education, and each day thousands of people, most of them children die as a result of hunger, diseases, and malnutrition.

The Big Question raised by the prophet

Jeremiah 8:22

We are called to respond to the question raised through the prophet Jeremiah.”Is there no balm in Gilead? Is there no physician there? Why then is there no healing for the wound of my people?” 

Education programs

As a church, we want to partner with you to provide quality education to the most vulnerable children in Africa. If you are interested in helping a child get to a good school, we would love to work with you and share details of the children in need in our community. We also have opportunities for volunteers for teaching in our partnered schools or refurbishing classrooms, building schools, or any project you have in mind to help in improving the livelihoods of our community in Africa. We will be pleased to hear from you.

Sponsor a Child

We are looking for ways to help secure some funds from Christian donors and well-wishers to help change their lives and provide educational opportunities to children who come from poor communities.

Turkana Girl
Forest Primary School,Kitale
Under a tree classroom

Medical practitioners

Medical & Clinic Camp

You can give your skills and profession to change a life in Kenya! We need Medical practitioners or students aspiring to work in the medical health field who are interested in coming to Africa to help. We have a lack of access to oral healthcare and education that puts children and adults at risk of developing serious medical problems. Currently, oral diseases and conditions affect 3.58 billion people worldwide, according to World Health Organization (WHO). If you have a passion for helping people in Africa, why not in Kenya? Many organizations are mobilizing skilled volunteers like yourself to give a smile and promote good oral health in Africa.

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We can stop the untimely deaths of the people of Africa and you can help us transform lives in Africa so that none will die as a result of hunger and with no child failing to get to school.